Of Miles And Men

by Crumble Lane

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released December 3, 2004


Crumble Lane :

Matthieu Maurel : vocals, guitars, fender rhodes, organ
Alan Fatras : drums, tambourine, guitar
Julien Lemetais : bass, bv's
Nicolas Cressen : guitars, bv's

Stéphane Lebourg : vocal intro on "Kellogs Country"
Joris : banjo on "Bowling Party"
Clément : strings on "Kellogs Country"
François Lefèvre : trumpet and bv's on "Jazz In Vienna"
Brieuc Maurel : guitar on "Bowling Party" & "Our Sprinbreaks Seem To Be The Most Deadly"

All songs written by Matthieu Maurel except :
Bowling Party (M. Maurel - N. Cressen)
Stalk Is Cheap (D. Bertho - M. Maurel)
The Way Of Samuraï (J. Lemetais)
Our Springbreaks Seem To Be The Most Deadly (M. Maurel - J. Lemetais)
Poor Melinda (M. Maurel - J. Lemetais)

"Rosewood Paradox" contains extracts from the website "Lost Destination, Rebecca The Lodge of Cloudcroft"

The lyrics of "The Way Of The Samuraï" are based on extracts from "Hagakure : The Book Of The Samuraï" by Yamamoto Tsunetomo, translated by William Scott Wilson. English copyright © 1979 & 2002 by William Scott Wilson and Kodansha International Ltd.

Cover photo "Ludlow Gas" by Eric Reed

Recorded @ St Germain La Campagne (France) in October - November 2003 & Studio Franklin (Le Havre, France) in January 2004

Engineer : Brieuc Maurel
Production : Brieuc Maurel, Matthieu Maurel
Mixing & Mastering : Brieuc Maurel



all rights reserved


Crumble Lane Le Havre, France

Crumble Lane is a french punk rock band, based in Le Havre, France. Founded in 2000 by Matthieu « Moot » Maurel (vocals- guitars) with Julien « Jiel » Lemetais (bass-bv’s), Alan Fatras (drums). Nicolas Cressen (guitars-bv’s) joined them from 2001 to 2005. Then replace by Yann « Boudo » Giboudeau. The band recorded 3 LP’s. ... more

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Track Name: Rosewood Paradox
I thought that this would be different
God bless that second chance
Did I plan the rise of my fall ?
Good God what have I done ?
Tudor portraits hung on washed out crying walls
Portaits of former friends
I have no excuse
Since life i did refuse

Raven on the outside paralysed my spine
I hate that second chance
And when the blood deserts your veins and gives way to paranoia
And then you wake up dead

Aversion to what’s past and gone
The lodge is my damnation, (my) life excommunication
(I’m) anti hero, tristero
A fallen queen without a crown
Doomed to roam deserted halls

She wanders around the elegant old Lodge nightly
Her flaming-red curls tumbling over piercing sky-blue eyes
As she glides soundlessly through the hallways and staircases
The thing is, she's dead.
Yes, the beautiful young woman that roams these halls is thought to be the flirtatious spirit of "Rebecca"
They claim her restless wraith has made her presence known here ever since...

Cold inside, my heart’s painted black
I’ve reached the eternal death to the kingdom of darkness
A non-acquiescent resident in solitary confinement
And I roam deserted halls
Doomed to roam deserted halls
Track Name: Bowling Party
I’m dan, I’m 23
Got all my teeth
Milwaukeean to the core, it’s my hometown
Beer & bowling i’m fond of
I wear Converse and Dickies
At Holler House you’d see me
The place where beer is cheap
Where the bowling elite meets

Oh Peggy Sue
So why don’t you share my days ?
Oh Peggy Sue
My dreams for you, my Peggy Sue

And that’s where I met Peg
The major occupation of my brain
She’s so cute, she rocks so swell
She’s a dream that never fades
We dated a long time ago
She can’t remember at all
I’m colorblind when she’s shining bright
What’s to blame, her or my being shy ?

Why Peggy Sue
D’you pretend to act as if we’d never kissed each other ?
Oh Peggy Sue, my dreams for you
I can’t get you out of my head

But she choosed that Crazy Jim
That demolition derby pionneer
There’s nothing to compete with it, don’t you think ?
On the annual Billie The Brownie exhibit
Going there alone would be like going there naked
And our days end in perfect pain
And the question that remains, why we lose and never gain ?
There’s no sham, no scam, no fucking hidden plan
You’re doing just right Dan
You’re more perfect than you’d guess
Track Name: 49 Seconds
You gotta use random punk chords,
Set the bit on 241
Find a funny voice and play it loud

You gotta use meaningful words
You could tell about norwegian forests and birds

This song can’t exceed 49 seconds
To have a max of attention

If you’re like : « Woah, let’s dance ! »
If girls suddenly want you to date them
Keep your ear close to the ground
Call if their sisters are around
Cause we’ve more fucking stupid punk-rock songs
Track Name: Stalk Is Cheap
I‘ve got a girlfriend, she's all pretty, funny and smart
I write her poem that I recite allday aloud
Walk cart by cart at the grocery store
Still i dunno why I can't help losing her in the crowd

I've got a girlfriend, she's spunky, she's a bright spark
She never asks me to bring her home when it gets dark
And at the theater she’d never
Feel the need to get a seat next to me

I've got a girlfriend, she’s refined, she blows my mind
And when we're at Denny's, I eye her up, I eye her up
She won't even blush, she will stay all quiet
Rreasonable, I'm kind of troubled, why won't she sit at my table ?

I've got a girlfriend, but she has not talked to me yet
Except for this harsh, cruel and quick " stop stalking around ”
You know how love is, suffocating she’s so lovely ...

I've got a girlfriend, but everyone says she'll never be mine
I don’t give a damn, cause i do love her, so she's my girl
Track Name: The Way Of Samurai
Among the maxims on Lord Naoshige's wall there was
This one : "Matters of great concern should be treated highly"
Master Ittei commented :
"Matters of small concern should be treated seriously"

It is good view point to see
The world as a dream
When you have something like a nightmare
You will wake up and
Tell yourself that this was only a dream
It is said that the world we live in is not a bit
Different from this

Samuraï, Samuraï, Samuraï

According to what one the elders said
Taking an enemy on the battlefield is like a hawk taking a bird
Track Name: Our Springbreaks Seem To Be The Most Deadly
Everyday when we wake up
At four o’clock, day has gone
We try to get organized
But we have nothing to plan
We’re real cool damned shits
We only fight, fight, smoke and drink
Our spring breaks seem to be the most deadly ...

We look like starvin’ Marvin
Cause we’re too lazy to eat
We could have a piggy bank
Bullshits, no one ain’t got bucks
We’re real cool damned shits
Into pick-pocketing
Our spring breaks seem to be the most deadly ...

Soon, we’ll sort it out
Detoxification, water cures, and acupunture
We could join a lions’ club and we could mess it up
Just like those wealthy fuckers
Who’ve got power and abuse the world

The only thing we did perfectly
Was to go & see punkrock gigs
Lots of bands touring everywhere
Unknown or famous, there’s no difference

Soon, we’ll sort it out
Detoxification, water cures, and acupunture
We could join a Lions’ club and we could mess it up
Just like those wealthy fuckers
Who’ve got power and abuse the world
And we’ll quit wandering
Travel ‘round the world
Visit damn annoying museums
We’ll be bank robbers but the law will be us
Just like those wealthy fuckers
We’ll gain power and abuse the world
Track Name: Kellogs Country
Billy Joe left his farm
Horses, cows, pigs, his barn
Agricultural life belongs now to the past
Soon he’ll be a movie star

Goodbye Oklahoma
Hello sweet Santa Barbara
For a life full of joy
Pleasures, sex, drugs and fun
On the angel bay he can’t fail
That’s not programmed in his head

It’s a slow ascent
How to start when you’re a nerd ?
Big movie industry don’t accept easily
The first angel-faced kid

Joe met personnalities
Dealt with the highest spheres of the upper-class elite
West coast was probably his american dream
The early 50’s
Billy joe took the front door
Walked on smart golden floors
A lifetime is not that long

Thanx a lot for the roses
Adept of primitive paintings, yeah, yeah, yeah !
Track Name: Cloudcroft Punkrock Hi School
My dad, for most of his life, was in the F.B.I.
How did i get into his secret room ?
Well, i can't tell, but what i found there
Left me speechless
My dad was more than just one plain cop
The NATO was his religion

He used to be the country's whore
And maybe more
(he's not to blame he did it for the fame)
Could he be the man I used to kiss
At breakfast time each morning

Lots of connections to blacken US government
Compromising reports about JFK, Nixon, Falklands and so on ...
I took the classified files
And began to read it
I couldn't believe my eyes
That was so confidential
The plan was to create a new music style
Welcome back to cold war era
They left no stone unturned
Recruiting the best elements
Branded with code names
They shaped those virgin brains
To stick to what they planned and aimed

Then we got into that nowhere train
Speeding along a nowhere place
There was something strange in the air
The databank of all our names
And identities were erased
We were new products of the USA

An explosion made the lodge shake
Just before the castle bursted out in flames
To a rebellion we weren't prepared
That was the last of all he things we did expect
We tried to take back control of the situation
We were not up to a fight against alienation

We were few to escape those fucking men
When sorted out, some will surely claim
We’ll start a brand new life
Under californian sun
No rules, no guides, just having fun
Freedom and tax exemption
That would rock our socks !
Track Name: Jazz In Vienna
Dead leaves whirling 'round
A cold and drenching rain falling down
Earthquake got going
We could have changed our destiny but did we ?

In 68 I joined some protest demonstration
Struggling against political stagnation
A 'Richard nixon is a war criminal' badge on my bag
A huge peace symbol on my back

I didn't want my shitty life
To end in Mills and Weaving Gates Falls
Wearing sansabelt pants
Pics of my beloved dog and girlfriend above the bed

Good Uncle Sam wanted me
To join the army
And I left my Tennessee
For what they called an opportunity

Dark cold memories
For my surviving in Vietnam fields
The nation did thank me
For killing communists
You can't do things, then hope no one will see

What if I had followed that girl ?
What if I'd the guts to tell I loved her ?
It's not one of my turns
I'm left behind with those demons that I can't burn
Track Name: Punky Xmas
Xmas time is now back once again
I don' t feel like I' ve lost one year
Santa Claus deserted jolly homes
I'm not sure but I guess that man lives
Just in our dreams

Punky Xmas and a happy new beer

Gone the day, I'm miles away
The seas of truth, ecstatic parade
Soberness is none of my business
I didn't swear, no promises made
Be proud of it, be proud to sing it!

Punky Xmas and a happy new beer

On sofas, boys and girls are kissing each other
Midnight hour, still I yearn !

What you're doing here, Rudolph my dear
Reindeers aren't supposed to drink
He advised me that I should quit
Mixing coke with my whiskey
I said yeah ! but when I run out of beer
I could drink pints of anti freeze !

Punky Xmas and a happy new beer

All my rhymes end in "e"
On the floor i' m swimming, I should breathe !
We smoked all the xmas trees
Maybe I should quit drinking beer
And a happy new beer, and a happy new beer
And a happy new year
Track Name: Nitro
Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome back
Julius’ feet desperately stink
As if he hardly ever never tried to wash it
Nico found a girl and grew fatter than danger

After 20 fucked-up times, I finally quit smoking
You know time flies and Alan is nearly forty

But still we suck, still we suck, still we suck
But still we suck, still we suck, still we suck
Track Name: Poor Melinda
D‘you know the story of my friend Melinda ?
She’s never been so lucky
She was spending most of her time
In US ghettos getting high
With whatever she could find ‘til someday she was hit by a fucking car

D'you know the story of poor Melinda
For us all she’s been the Mother Theresa
Her heart was made of gold but her veins were full of alcohol
That was too late for that poor soul and then she finally died

However had she gold in her hands
Diplomas, money and happiness
That trip to the U.S. turned her life into a mess
And that’s where she discovered drugs, desillusions ...
Track Name: And I Don't Think You Can Tell
I don’t believe you developed the skills you pretend
Your rhetoric is vain
Your vision blinded with fuzziness

We may have been affected by your speech
If you had been born with
More inclination to understand

Misleading, disguised grief
Assumption, alienation
When monetary gains help to your mourning’s end

And I don’t think you can tell
Much about your so-called pain
‘Cause sorrows don’t need comments